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Step 1

Learn to Read Hebrew by

Not a Behold! Web App but it is the first step in your journey to learn Hebrew. Use's Learn to Read Hebrew web app to learn how to sound out Hebrew words in an easy and intuitive way which is great for complete beginners and those who just want to brush up on their decoding skills. It is fun and totally free. When you have completed all levels of Learn to Read Hebrew, come back to work on your fluency with our Fluency Fun web app.

Learn to Read Hebrew Now!
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Step 2

Fluency Fun - Increase Your Hebrew Fluency

Increase your Hebrew reading fluency with this fun web app which allows you to practice reading Hebrew texts with support. Want to check your pronunciation? Listen to it read aloud, word-for-word, so you can learn to read with confidence!

Start Practicing Now!
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Step 3

Vital Vocabulary - Understand the Hebrew Prayers

Take the next step in understanding the Hebrew prayers by learning the vital vocabulary quickly and intuitively! Once you feel like you know the vocabulary then test yourself and track your completion with a free Behold! Web Apps account!

Start To Understand the Hebrew Prayers!
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Tehillim Chooser - Choose the Prayers for You

Wondering what Tehillim to say for your particular situation?! Look no further! Choose from one of the topics below and start to pray to God through these Tehillim for your specific situation!

Choose and Pray Today!
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Tehillim Groups - Create Tehillim Groups

This simple web app allows you to create Tehillim groups and divide the book of Tehillim into equal sections for each member to pray. When everyone in your group has read their sections, together you will have completed the entire book of Tehillim.

Create a Group or Enter Your Group Code Here!